What We've Done..

GNC Quality: High-End Residential Excavation

Delicate rocksaw, hammering & clear-out in order to excavate a 1200 sqm residential plot for brand new construction. All earth & contaminants subsequentially moved, cleared and disposed of.

"Over 13 years I've worked with Flexible and GNC have never needed look elsewhere. Their expertise, experience and reliability are unmatched in Sydney"

MAC Developments: High-End Residential Developments

Multiple demolitions and excavations across numerous sites mainly within the Southern Shire. Derelict plot demo & clearance to make way for high-end developments. All excavated materials and waste cleared and disposed.

"I use Clancy not only because we're close friends but he connects to all necessary trade and persons across Sydney. And has a fine touch"

Studio Constructions: Residential Property & Commercial Office Space

Demolition proceeded by bulk & detailed excavation across multiple sites within Sydney. Complex foundation layers surgically cut into rock and all extracted & contaminated materials disposed.

"Flexible & Studio constructions have built and maintained a very good relationship over the years and will continue to do so, demolishing and creating property & commercial sites around Sydney"

Artesian Pools: Luxury & Bespoke Swimming Pool Excavation

Ground clearance and pool excavation carving bespoke pool formations often in tight spaces. Indoor pool excavations also managed within residential property.

"It's never a problem.. the customer service comes first and Flexible always looks after us"