Who We Are..

If it's possible, it's done.. if it's impossible, we'll get there.

Destruction is a form of creation, and having been cultivating Sydney's landscape for over 35 years, Flexible Group has played its part constructing the great, modern day Sydney metropolis.

A true family operation passed from father to son, Flexible Group is run from the St. George area and has reached all over Sydney from the Northern Beaches to the Western Suburbs.

Honesty, professionalism, knowledge and reputability are the hallmarks of our work and our company ethos.. we strive to build bridges as much as we do demolish structures.


Flexible Group is run by Clancy, the CEO and Chief Operator. Having been raised excavating and operating machinery his ability, professionalism and expertise are paramount in Sydney, and he prefers to view his work as 'earth surgery'.

Clancy and his long-serving team know the trade & city inside & out.. between them their skills, experience and list of contacts connects them to any tool, operation or craft required to get the job done as accomplished as any other team in Sydney.

Health & Safety

Flexible Group comply with all OH&S safety standards: we employ stringent occupational health & safety measures in all of our service areas.

We are also fully insured and licensed for non-friable Asbestos Removal Services: Our Demolition License enables us to carry out removal of bonded asbestos, or non-friable asbestos, which makes up the majority of asbestos-containing materials in residences and other buildings.